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Young Slendermans Train Warp 400x1230 ur

by dinomonster

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The Artifacts

Curated by dinomonster, the GhostMarket hosts a collection of NFTs depicting found objects collected from various urban legend researchers accumulated over the past decade or so.

Collected artifacts are as follows...

Young Slenderman's Trainwarp

After receiving a ping of activity by her dimension-detector, Urban Legend Researcher Grace Lu picked up the image and attached message while scanning a nearby train station. After close analysis, she suspects that a passing, inexperienced Slenderman perhaps flashed through this universe and submitted an incident report as it happened. It is rumored the Slenderman may answer to higher authorities and tend to document their observations on their journeys. No one knows to whom the Slenderman answers. No one knows why and where they journey.

Maggie Mae, 1959

This photograph was recovered by none other than Ronson John James, an Urban Legend Researcher out of the Ozark Mountains where the hills are haunted by many lost souls. He reports that a matriarch of a local family in the sleepy small town of Soomerville, MO kept this photo tucked away in her Bible until her death in 2018 when her heirs relinquished it to investigators. Local legend has it that the girl in this photo went missing and her loyal dog haunted the nearby woods for decades after her disappearance. Her name was Maggie Mae.

Jason Briggs Last Seen on Zoom

Zoom partier Jason Briggs was having fun one night with friends when one of his pals snapped this photo during a virtual birthday party. The friend had noticed a spooky figure in the background, but was alarmed knowing he lives alone and was alone during this conference. Later that evening, the same people on the call got a group text message that was an alleged suicide note from Jason Briggs. Emergency responders arrived to find no body and no signs of violence or suicide. The case went cold so Urban Legend Researcher Susan Velazquez has taken it on as she’s intrigued by an uptick in reports of “shadow people” in the area.

The Light Man Can

Sam K. Pearce, Urban Legend Researcher came to help the family of a slain teen girl near Fittsburg, ME in 2017. The youth was on a run to shape up for an upcoming marathon fundraiser and never came home. Her body was found in a ditch within a mile of where she lived. This photo was damaged on her device, but thankfully saved into the cloud. It was taken the night of her murder, only to be discovered by a sibling months later. Sam is only able to add the poor girl to a growing stack of mysterious deaths of locals. This is the first photo of the possible assailant though. Ever since its discovery, Sam has felt an overwhelming sense of deep foreboding and soul crushing despair.

Facility 91T at Blockhardt

Urban Legend Researcher and local historian Nigel Muhammad ventured about two hours north of town to search the grounds of an abandoned facility that no one remembers exactly what work was done there but everyone gets the creeps going nearby. Once nestled in a town bustling with turn of the century technologists and their administrators, it seemed the industry had gone bust. A freakish squall of a snowstorm dusted up as soon as Nigel arrived and seemed to clear up after he left. Something about the old building made him think it knew he was there, watching.

The Mesh

Two scientists engineering the most sophisticated Artificial Intelligence computer in academia were in their Norfork, VA-based lab 3D modelling a bot’s neural ray cast build which entailed asking “The Machinita” who she thought God was. She responded.


The project got on the radar of Master of Intrigue and Urban Legend Researcher Silver Sterling thanks to a cousin who’s buddy works in the mailroom at the lab. When Silver contacted the company for questions, after a few forwards, he was told that neither of them worked there. When his cousin’s friend went in to work the next day, the scientists’ names had  been scrubbed from every door, phone directory, mailbox and paper in the place. The only trace left of them is in the resulting image where the AI had said God resided in between.

Dismorphic Vampire Cult

Tameka Jameson, Urban Legend Researcher based out of Cincinnati, has been tracking a performative pagan cult who gather frequently for “ritual spirit cleansings” that may or may not include an ancient blood-rite that involves small children, even babies.  When she dug deeper she discovered that she’s not the first to investigate. Ten years earlier the FBI was called in to probe a dysmorphic vampire cult that was rumored to transpose their “beings” into objects to survive over time. After finding no-one at the premises, gathering evidence and evacuating the grounds, officials locked the doors and threw away the key, leaving their dusty mansion inaccessible and abandoned… or so we think. Tameka has a hunch for where the house is and is assembling a team to go check it out.

 The Boy with the No Balloon 

In Boyoutown, AK, a single mom had a weekend day off for the first time in weeks so she was delighted to take her 4 year old son to the Fall Festival for fun. It was a crisp morning in 2013 when the boy would uncharacteristically stop and stare at a strange man at the event. The mother tried to shuffle him along from one activity to another, but still, she could not tear his gaze away from this fellow. Observing over time, she noticed the strange man wasn’t accompanied by anyone and swore she caught him staring back at her darling son. The mom turned to buy ice cream and when she spun back around the boy was suddenly in possession of a red balloon but most shockingly - appeared to be upside down. The strange man had disappeared.


Desperate to sort him out, she begged other patrons to please help put her son back on the ground right side up. But no one else saw him that way. She grasped her child and demanded, “Who did this to you?” and he would only answer, “The No Balloon.” One woman in the crowd stepped in to help and heard her story. That was Urban Legend Researcher Jan Wylie who unfortunately did not see the mysterious man, but promised to help her sort it out. When they hurried the boy to the doctor, The mother took photos to prove what she saw and while the Doctor agreed the photos were upside down, she quipped she was merely holding her camera wrong.

Hurricane Giant Moshers

Peter Pickerling, Florida Urban Legend Researcher acquired a still frame from an incident the authorities would rather like we not mention for no other reason than they can’t have yet another mysterious brutal murder of police officers on the books and in the papers. After a rash of officer homicides all across the panhandle during a rainy 2009 hurricane season, they finally scored an image from a crime scene... though unfortunately during this pullover, the camera was cruelly out of focus. Within seconds of this frame the recording stops. Later, when police responded to the scene the photographed car was missing and again, the damage to the bodies seemed to include a 20 foot fall from high... several times.

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