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dinomonster is multi-media artist AMPeters.


Amy grew up in Mississippi during a time when the local tribes tried to ban MTV from the airwaves, put on Saturday Night Live super late so the kids would miss it, and dampen her spirit and modify her behavior to conform to some ladylike paradigm that escaped her.

Naturally, it all turned out to be hysterical attempts at indoctrinations that only served to fuel her curiosity, drive her ambitions, and inspire her to riot against anyone telling her how they needed her to act to please remain within the parameters of their comfort zones.


Amy moved to NYC as soon as she possibly could escape to explore outlets for her creativity. She grew adept at discovering unique and unusual characters, and began to turn the skills she'd developed editing documentary and unscripted television series into a mechanism for developing TV and feature film projects around the characters she's discovered. She sometimes doodles in NFT formats and other mediums.

By 2018, Amy had earned an Emmy Award for her work on Netflix's reboot of Queer Eye.


In 2020, she was nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy Award along with the ABC News Team at 20/20 for COVID: How it Happened.


Amy has founded Audio Photo Synthesis with her engineer/audio guru husband Joel. The company brings technical and engineering acumen to bear on the creative development process—combining an instinct for offbeat and irreverent stories with the strong knack for planning, workflow, and crew resource management.

As a team, they are strong believers in diversity, inclusion in work and in life since homogeneity is boring and not all that sustainable if you think about it.

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